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[5/16/07 ‡ 12:09am]


CAITLIN ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted everyone to know it's your birthday. 10 minutes past here in Montana. Not quite there in Nevada. Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully!!
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I'll let you whip me if I misbehave.. [11/2/06 ‡ 1:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Soooooo as the story goes, I'm sitting here and I have to be to work in an hour. I'm so so so tired. Landon has been sick, so I'm up with him. I feel sorry for him. Halloween was fun. He was cute and I got a lot of compliments on his costume. I DONE GOOD! ;) It was so cold, so we didnt get to trick or treat much..but he still got lots of candy.

I still can't get my header and stuff on my other livejournal..that makes me mad. I wonder why. I wanna start using that. I'll have to look for a new layout completely, I guess. *shrug* we'll see if I can get it to work. I hope I can.

AND ON JAN 27 I WILL SEE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IN CONCERT! I really hope so. Depending on roads and stuff. I've never been so excited for anything, I don't think. I just love concerts and I haven't been to one in a really realyl long time. OH besides the country ones here. I pray that the roads will be good. My mom is going to request off that time to watch Landon for me. So that's really nice. I'll get her a little something for that.

Well zachs grandparents came for a visit..as did Zach. Which was nice. I am heartbroken for him, the things he chooses to do.just everything. My heart always goes out for people I can't touch or reach, that keep making poor decisions, and unfortunately his desicion is going to cost him the relationship with his son..and if that's ok for him, then it's ok for me. All I can do is be the best parent I can be for Landon..and that's what I'll continue doing. BUT Zach and I have been talking more, and building up a friendship (or at leas I hope so). He wants to jump back into things..and I know I still love him. But I'm an awful stubborn person, and I can't forget all the things he's done to me..just to forgive him like that. We'll see. I just pray he'll find his way. God is the only one who can help him.

My birthday is Monday, and I'm not looking too forward to it. I love birthdays, except I'm getting old and it's depressing. I'll be 24..still in school, single..its like I'm giong nowhere. I've applied for some colleges for their nursing program or the radiology program I really hope to get into one. I have 2 A's and 2 B's in school so far, so I've been doing the best that I've done so far. I'm gonna start applying for a bunch of scholarships.

Brad sent me a card for my birthday and I *think* ordered me flowers. He won't tell me, but showed me where he ordered me something and it will be delivered on Monday. So I think that's what he did. Which is super sweet. I've waned Zach to do something like that for 3 years. My mom is going to bring me a cake to work and tawnee is going to bring me an ice cream cake. I'll be going to lunch with my gma and Amber. Amber and I usually always do lunch for each others bday. It will be nice.

That's an update on what's been going on. Same shit, just a different day.

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20 minutes till work :( [1/17/06 ‡ 3:50pm]
I usually love working, and today I just don't wanna go. I hate going to work then getting off late, then going to class early in the morning! I shouldn't be complaining because I'm doing what a lot of people aren't. I should be lucky. I'm talking to this real jackass on IRC. He's about to annoy me. Here's a little clip of our conversation:

3:30pm hi Marcy
3:30pm you never talk
3:39pm sure I do, just to ppl I know though
3:40pm but this is my room, Marcy
3:40pm ignoring the founder is a bit odd
3:40pm to whom would you speak in here if not me?
3:40pm besides, you do know me.
3:41pm I kinda know Jax
3:41pm and I'm not sure!
3:41pm if you want me to part 'your' room, all you do is gotta say
3:41pm this is the first Ive seen you speak to me
3:41pm so not all my fault there buddy
3:41pm i don't mind people joining 'my' room
3:41pm then don't bitch about it ;)
3:41pm nobody's bitching.
3:42pm whatever you say
3:42pm good girl.
3:42pm so how old are you?
3:42pm 18 and 4 months!
3:42pm this many !!!!
3:42pm lol young!
3:42pm i was younger when i wiped information.
3:43pm I don't doubt that
3:43pm how old was i
3:43pm 15?
3:43pm 16?
3:43pm sure
3:43pm good times.
3:43pm it sucks growing up
3:43pm yeah, having to take all these responsibilities
3:44pm but you won't mature till your a good 40-45. Men mature quite slow
3:44pm I know it. Job, college, kids..all the good stuff
3:44pm like wiping the list of 180 aops that never joined because somebody randomly added every English0speaking person on irc
3:46pm hmm
3:47pm well, you turned out to be less fun to speak with than i had hoped
3:47pm i idle in my disappointment.
3:49pm lol well I sure as hell ain't gonna like talking about 'wiping the information'

there he is! Reminded me again, why I shouldn't speak to younger men.

Meanwhile, I've gotten to love my bangs. They look hip. I'm digging them. I might look like a fool, but I think I'm a cool fool. I'll have to get some pics. Everytime I take a pic, it nearly makes me want to gag. I stear clear. Everything else is going well. I'm gonna do a real post here tonight perhaps, or tomorrow. I gotta go get dressed for work! I hope everything is well with everyone.

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[12/18/05 ‡ 10:27pm]
7 more days till Christmas!!!!!!!! I still have Dawn, my dad, PJ, Wally, Zach, Kim, Sadie, and my gma all to buy for. haha, not to mention I want to get Landon 2 more dvds and 1 more big toy, and toybox. BUT my last paycheck sucked, because I took that week off to go to AL (which didn't happen) it was like 195, which is the lowest I've ever gotten. My next one will be like 600, that is the 23rd. So I'll finish up all of my shopping then. I love Christmas, but next year I'll start buying earlier. Zach told me he got Landon a pair of shoes..I told him I wanted some Kswiss ones for him, so hopefully he listened. I wish he'd be coming up, but no such luck. I've gotten Landon some outfits from Old Navy, pajamas from there, hat and mittens from there, one singing book, one leap frog toy, his riding horse lol that makes noise, the incredibles dvd..and I think that's all. =/ I got my mom the vacuum that she wanted. I got Taya, Meadow, Vinny, and Kendall all pajamas and socks. I love to shop. If I could have a super rich husband and spend my days shopping, I might very well do that. :)

Finals start tomorrow which suck! I can't for the life me sit down to study. I get so antsy. I need to get like an A in math, and at least a B in anatomy. OH History needs an A too..which stinks. But I'm gonna sit and study once Landon goes to sleep. And he's crabby now, so it'll be soon I'm sure :D. I've got so much scrapbooking to do, it's unreal. I did a page the other night and it turned out like shit. I couldn't get the colors to match the background. !)(*#)*($ But it will be ok. I have some ideas for my next page. I love to scrapbook. That one page took me an hour though, so it's really time consuming. I wanted to do a mini scrapbook for Zachs gma for Christmas, but it doesn't look like I'll get 'er done. I want to do a black and white one for my bathroom, just a page, and then frame it..because I'm doing my bathroom in black and white. I need to actually do it!

Tonight my neighbor came over and she made steaks and I made some cheesy hashbrowns. It was goood. And we had nobake cookies for dessert. Not bad, not bad. I love homecooked food. I wish I was an excellente cook. I will hopefully get that way. I got Landon a baseball hat and it looks so cute on him, but he won't leave it on. :( It's soooooooo cute, I can't get over it. But I guess I'm a typical mom. He's started jumping and climbing on everything. He jumps when he dances but can only lift one leg. It's so funny.

That's about all from here. I'm gonna go, because Landon is asleep and I've got some stuff to attend to. I hope everyone had a safe and fun weeekend!
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[11/2/05 ‡ 3:19pm]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE! I know it's a day late, and I apologize, but I'm thinkg of you. And I hope it went well for you :)
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[10/8/05 ‡ 10:55am]
[ mood | content ]

Write 20 random facts about yourself. Then everyone else should do it too! I stole from Sophie, only I'm not doing the tag stuff because I simply don't know how. Like it or leave it. :D

1. I love to be happy. Theres just something about always smiling that makes me feel great.
2. I'm a hopeless romantic. If only my boyfriend were..
3. I always stand a few steps back from any relationship. Meaning I won't give my all because I know sometime I'm going to get screwed and I rather be prepared. Theres always another lie lurking out there..you just gotta be ahead of the game to realize it.
4. I used to be naive..I used to trust every single person.
5. I will never trust another guy again. I've been fucked with too many times, and I honestly am to the point where I don't think there's any decent guys out there.
6. My mom is honestly the greatest person I think I've ever known.
7. I love brown M n Ms the best.
8. I love rollercoasters.
9. I love concerts.
10. I fear living my whole life with someone, then finding out it's been nothing but a lie.
11. I don't tolerate cheating. I think that if someone will do it once, they will do again.
12. I love having my feet touched. Weird!
13. I never knew genuine love until I had my son.
14. I'm really simple.
15. I hate liars more than anything. I really have an issue with it.
16. No one knows the real me. To everyone, I'm usually always happy.
17. I hate cusswords. Hearing them, and speaking them.
18. I wish I had Britneys body, more than anything.
19. I wish I could make Zach realize so much.
20. I love painting my toenails.

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